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Compiling examples from the SDK on OS X


I'm just playing with the SDK at this point, working on some proof-of-concept stuff and generally trying to familiarize myself with it.  However, after trying to compile the "hello_ontapi.c" example code snippet using first gcc and then clang, it occurred to me that I hadn't checked for compatibility.  I'm getting an error and a couple of warnings, and I'm just curious before I go too much further if anyone has successfully developed, in C, on OSX, using the SDK?  Errors are below for those that care.  Thanks in advance.

In file included from ./hello_ontapi.c:27:

./netapp_api.h:125:9: error: unknown type name 'uint64_t'

_EXTERN uint64_t        na_child_get_uint64(na_elem_t *, const char *,


./netapp_api.h:126:5: warning: type specifier missing, defaults to 'int' [-Wimplicit-int]



./netapp_api.h:128:24: warning: type specifier missing, defaults to 'int' [-Wimplicit-int]

                                const char * name, uint64_t);


2 warnings and 1 error generated.


Re: Compiling examples from the SDK on OS X

Update: It definitely looks like a porting issue.  I included stdint.h and that fixed the problems above, but generated a ton more.  I'll keep going until I get stuck, but if anyone knows of a project or github or anything with some of this work already done I'd be much appreciated. 

Re: Compiling examples from the SDK on OS X

Yeah... looks like this might be a pointless exercise.  None of the included libraries will link (no native OS X/Darwin libraries in the SDK).  I had hoped to avoid Visual Studio, but back over to Windows I suppose.

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