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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

Creating Snapshot via CIM call invocation - CreateElementReplica

Create a thin or thick snapshot as per user requirement via CIM method invocation using "CreateElementReplica" of CIM_ReplicationService. 
If the 'SourceElement' property (input parameter) is a thick volume then the 'TargetElement' property (output parameter) contains a thick snapshot.
If the 'SourceElement' property (input parameter) is a thin volume then the 'TargetElement' property (output parameter) contains a thin snapshot.
We are not able to create a thin snapshot from a thick source volume and vice versa using CIM call (CreateElementReplica).
Is there a way to make the array honor this requirement via the CIM call (CreateElementReplica)?
How to enable Netapp Provider logs and/or get access to them (not trace/error logs of Netapp SMIS provider)?
Things Tried:
CreateElementReplica contains the property "ReplicationSettingData" which can be used by the user to control the provisioning of the target element. We have enumerated the ONTAP_ReplicationSettingData class which is a single instance on the array. We converted the CIMInstance into a CIMObject and passed the CIMObject as a string. We modified the default property "ThinProvisioningPolicy" in the string from 7 (Implementation decides provisioning of target) to 3 (Copy thin source to full target) and 4 (Copy full source to thin target) respectively where the source volume was thin/thick. Even though the response was success, this was not honored by the array and we get the same behavior as mentioned in the 'Behavior' section.
- ThinProvisioningPolicy
If the target element is not supplied, this property specifies the provisioning of the target element.
- ReplicationSettingData
If provided, it overrides the default replication setting data for the given SyncType. If not provided, the management server uses the default replication setting data.
ONTAP SMIS version:


Hi ,


Inputs on this will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




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