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Creating a DR SVM using Powershell ToolKit 4.20


Hi All


I've hit a possible bug with Powershell Toolkit 4.20 when trying to create a DR SVM on Ontap 9.0RC1 (Simulator), the CLI works fine by the way.




Create new SVM using New-NcVServer using appropriate switches e.g


New-NcVserver -Name $MySVM -RootVolume $MyRootVol -RootVolumeAggregate $Myaggr -RootVolumeSecurityStyle $Style -Language $Lang

This works fine, now to create a DR SVM the code should be:


New-NcVserver -Name $MyDRSVM -SubType dp-destination

If you press enter at this point the cmdlet prompts for inputs for RootVolume, RootVolumeAggregate etc ... and also wont allow empty strings - if you then specify values the cmdlet outputs a message stating that only name, comment and ipspace are valid parameters when creating a destination Vserver for DR. 


Result can't create a DR SVM.


Am I missing a switch or is this an opportunity for a fix??







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