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Difference between cluster mode and 7-mode and how to specify the same in the code ?


I am a beginner to using ONTAPI SDK and hence need some clarifications on the following.

- What is the difference between 7-mode and cluster mode? Is this device or model or setup dependent?

- How is this mode specified in the code that one writes to make ONTAPI calls? Is this something that is specified while instantiating NaServer?

  NaServer naServer = new NaServer(<ipaddress>, major_version, minor_version);
  Do the major and minor versions decide the mode? If so, what are the values of the versions for 7-mode and cluster mode?

  Also, please let me know what it means when the major and minor versions are chosen to be 1 and 0 respectively.

- As per some of the NetApp docs 8.0 is not supported in cluster mode. Please let me know if this means the SDK does not support cluster mode or if the ONTAP version does not support the same.

- If 8.1.0 supports cluster mode, then how should the calls be invoked so both cluster details as well the filer details are obtained?




- 7-Mode and Clustered ONTAP are two different modes in which Data ONTAP can operate. I would suggest you reach out to your NetApp contact for more details on this.

- The server you connect to will be either operating in 7-Mode and Cluster-Mode.  You don't need to specify the mode in the code.

- Major version and minor version are tied to version of Data ONTAP and nothing to do with the mode.

- SDK supports clustered ONTAP and the clustered APIs are available from Data ONTAP 8.1

- You need to install 8.1 in cluster-mode, and then use Cluster APIs or Vserver API to get any details.

Hope this helps. I would suggest getting more details on Clustered ONTAP.