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Dynamic linking to ONTAPI DLLS


I have SDK 5.4 and which is built using VS2010. my C++ Application is using VC2017 Compiler ( C++17) , so  I can't static linking the *.lib files to my app. the only solution is to load the dlls dynamically and use the function pointers. the only problem I have is that the SDK does NOT ship with *.DEF or header files to define the data structures used by the sdk like "na_server_t*" in API: 

na_server_t* na_server_open(const char* server, int major, int minor);


Any one was able to link dynamically to the NMSDK DLLs ?  The only information related to dynamically linking to dll was in this file [ NMSDK-5.4P1/doc/WebHelp/index.htm ] .


The following libraries should be linked to the applications that use the dynamic libraries of the SDK:




zephyr.dll, zephyr.lib, ws2_32.lib (release mode)

zephyrd.dll, zephyrd.lib, ws2_32.lib (debug mode)

The libraries for the 64-bit platform are at lib\nt\x64.

The libraries for the IA64-bit platform are at lib\nt\ia64.


Note : I know that NMSDK 9.4 now provide compatiblity with visual studio 2015 and 2017 but I don't have download access any more. 

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