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E-series PowerShell Toolkit and Remove-NeVolume


I'm trying out the PowerShell Toolkit for the E-series arrays and I've hit a bit of a snag.


Up to this point, I got the WebServices Proxy running and I have managed to get basic connectivity going. 


My first script correlated all offline disks in Windows which were served from my E2712 and removed the mappings with Remove-NeVolumeMapping. This works fine.


My intended next step was to actually deleted all unmapped volumes, and this is where I've encountered an error.


Import-Module NetApp.SANtricity.PowerShell
$user = "rw"
$pwd = "rw"

$url1 = "http://localhost:8080/devmgr"

$cred = Get-NeProxyCredential -Url $url1 -ProxyUser $user -ProxyPwd $pwd

$storageSystems = Get-NeStorageSystem -Credential $cred

foreach ($storageSystem in $storageSystems)
 $volumes = Get-NeVolume -SystemId $storageSystem.Wwn
    $volumeMappings = Get-NeVolumeMappings -SystemId $storageSystem.Wwn
    foreach ($volume in $volumes)
        if ($volumeMappings.VolumeRef.Substring(8).IndexOf($volume.Wwn) -eq -1) # The volume is NOT mapped, ie the index is -1
            Remove-NeVolume -SystemId $storageSystem.Wwn -Id $volume.Wwn -Credential $cred

This errors out with:

Remove-NeVolume : Processing class 'devmgr.api.symbol.KeyValueTagMappingDeletionDescriptorList'
At C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\deleteUnmappedVolumes1.ps1:20 char:13
+             Remove-NeVolume -SystemId $storageSystem.Wwn -Id $volume.Wwn -Creden ...
+             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Remove-NeVolume], NetAppPowerShellException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : parameterError,Netapp.Santricity.PowerShell.RemoveVolumeCmdlet

Not much to go on. I'm certain my credentials and call of the storage system is correct, I use the same syntax in a previous script to remove mappings, and that works.



Re: E-series PowerShell Toolkit and Remove-NeVolume


Replying to myself, I figured out my error.

Remove-NeVolume -SystemId $storageSystem.Wwn -Id $volume.Id -Credential $cred

Is the correct syntax. I was using $volume.wwn, in my first attempt, and when I changed it to above it works.

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