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Errno 61 - connection refused - NMSDK 5.6 Python


Not a full time programmer, but trying my hand at NetApp APIs. I'm getting connection refused when connecting to CDOT filer using SDK 5.6. 



filer = sys.argv[1]
user = sys.argv[2]
password = sys.argv[3]

s = NaServer(filer, 5, 6)
s.set_admin_user(user, password)
output = s.invoke("system-get-version")

if(output.results_errno() != 0):
r = output.results_reason()
print("Failed: " + str(r))

else :
r = output.child_get_string("version")
print(r + "\n")


User@~/PycharmProjects/Training$ python my.ip admin my.password
Failed: [Errno 61] Connection refused


I am using the admin user and password and connecting to the cluster mgmt IP address. Looking for some advice. Thanks!





Re: Errno 61 - connection refused - NMSDK 5.6 Python


Hello @AJ,


A few things to test/check.


  1. The ZAPI version should be 1.X, with the X being dependent on the version of ONTAP you're using.  For example, ONTAP 9 = 1.100, 9.1 = 1.110.  You'll want to change the NaServer object to look something like this:  
    s = NaServer(filer, 1, 100)


  2. Try and echo/print out the filer, user, and password variables.  Make sure they are equal to what you expect them to be.
  3. Ensure that HTTP access is enabled on your cluster for the interface you're connecting to.
  4. Ensure the user you're using has ONTAPI access granted (though I don't think this is the issue, you would get a different error).

Hope that helps!



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