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'Error 13005: Unable to find API' on 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start' call


When running 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start' call on a filer we face the following error: 'Error 13005: Unable to find API: perf-object-get-instances-iter-start for vfiler'. Data ONTAP version is 8.2 (7-Mode).


How can we troubleshoot this problem or get more detailed information on it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: 'Error 13005: Unable to find API' on 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start' call


If I look at the API docs it looks like you can't call 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start' on a vfiler. It states the context as Family: ontap-classic. I'd interpret that to mean you can't run it against a vfiler. Just a thought, haven't tried coding it myself.



Re: 'Error 13005: Unable to find API' on 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start' call


Please could you point me to the documentation where it says that 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start' call cannot be made on vfiler. We are also getting same exception.

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