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Error registering as FPolicy Server when computer name is more than 15 characters using 8.x Simulator


When the FPolicy server computer name is greater than 16 characters, FPolicy registration fails when registering with the latest 8.x Virtual Simulator; however, it works correctly with all versions of the 7.x simulator.  The initial call to FP_Registration() completes successfully and the FPolicy server briefly shows as registered on the simulator console; however, a few seconds after registration the following error messages appear on the simulator console (see attached screen shots for complete details):


The first message is:


[fpolicy.fscreen.server.connecting.badComputerName:warning] FPolicy server '' for policy 'Peer_Policy_Name' registered with the storage system and provided an invalid computer name '\\COMPOSITEDEV3W7A' which will be ignored.  (see screen shot part1 for more info).


The second message appears a few seconds after the first message:


[nbt.nbss.socketError:error]: NBT: Cannot connect to server over NBSS socket for port 139.  Session setup error.  Error 0x82 : Called name not present.  (see part 2 screen shot for more details and Fpolicy disconnection message).



Is 15 characters a new restriction with ONTAP 8.x, or is there a workaround (besides renaming computer) to allow computers with a name greater than 15 characters to register as an FPolicy server?  Also is this a bug or a new feature/restriction?


I have tested this scenario from both a Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 machine and they both fail to register with 8.x version of simulator and both work correctly with 7.x version of simulator.




Rob A.



Windows Netbios names cannot be longer than 15 characters

NBT: Cannot connect to server over NBSS socket for port 139.

NBT = netbios over tcp

It looks like this particular array is attempting to use netbios over tcp to register the fpolicy server

Is the CIFS/domain configuration of this array different from the 7.x arrays?

I am not a Ontap guy - I used to be a Windows guys



Thanks for the response and I figured it was a NETBIOS backwards compatibilty issue, but what I don't understand is why it works with 7.x simulators and not with the newer 8.x simulator?   So what I really would like to know is this a bug, or a is this a hard requirement for ONTAP 8.x, or is it a configuration option?




Dear friend ,

            can you tell me how we register primary server for fpolicy and after creating fpolicy how we store screening record to text file i use  ontap 8.2.1 simulator 7-mode.


Mradul singh