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FPolicy Handshake Response Error


We are started to develop the FPolicy server according to the SDK you provided us.

however, we have an issue which I hope you could help or maybe you can connect us to someone that can help us.


The problem is that the handshake response is received by clusters node, the following exception is fired on clusters side when the response is received:


“ITsMine_ONTAP-01 ERROR fpolicy.server.connectError:  Node failed to establish a connection with the FPolicy server "" (reason: "FPolicy server sent message in which didn't had correct length format marker.").”


The following are the detailed step of how we generating handshake response which is sent to NetApp Clusters:

  1. Generate XML response containing message header and body separated by “\n\n”.
  2. Calculate XML message length, and append 6 bytes payload at the beginning of XML response.


We’ve tried to append and send the response over socket both as String and Array of Bytes, both ways are generating the same error.


Please find the attached files that contain both Handshake request and response format and code snippet shows how the response message is built using both ways as String message or as bytes array.