FPolicy SDK?

Can anyone out there tell me how to get the FPolicy SDK from NetApp now that it is no longer a part of the OnTap SDK?  So far, my efforts to contact people within NetApp just get redirected and then go unanswered.

Re: FPolicy SDK?

Customer facing APIs for FPolicy are part of NMSDK. There are other Fpolicy APIs too which are available on a restricted basis.

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Re: FPolicy SDK?

As I understand from documentation and other forum threads, the "restricted" APIs are the ones I require to develop an external fpolicy server and register it with a NetApp appliance to perform file screening. It's unfortunate (for me) that the relevant sample applications and interface definitions have been removed from the NMSDK

Re: FPolicy SDK?

Hi Dave

     FPolicy APIs are protected through legal agreement. Since this use-case is already covered. We recommend to consider existing partner solution instead of developing from scratch.