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FPolicy event filter problems




I am trying to create a screening policy which will trigger for offline files that are going to be modified.


I have create an event as shown below:


edge-vserver1::> event show event1 -instance (vserver fpolicy policy event show)

Vserver: edge-vserver1
Event: event1
Protocol: cifs
File Operations: open
Filters: open-with-write-intent, offline-bit
Is Volume Operation Required: false



When I have both filters (as shown above) in it only applies the first registered.

Each filter works correctly when it is the only one applied.


Have I configured my event incorrectly for multiple filters?


I am using NetApp Release 8.2.1RC2 Cluster-Mode and Manageability DSK 5.2







I upgraded my test setup so that I am now using NetApp Release 8.2.2 


The problem is still present.


Has anyone else tried applying multiple filters on a policy?


Do I need to raise a bug report for this?


I am using NetApp 8.3 on a simulator and experiencing the same issue.


I has set an event with 2 filters and it does not work for write-first events  (ie I am getting tons of SMB_WR events) 


fpolicy policy event create -vserver cluster1 -event-name event1 -file-operations create, create_dir, delete, delete_dir, read, write, rename, rename_dir, setattr -protocol cifs -filters first-read, first-write 


However, if I set with only one filter , it works (I only get 1 SMB_WR ou SMB_CREATE event) 


fpolicy policy event modify -vserver cluster1 -event-name bw_event -file-operations create, create_dir, delete, delete_dir, read, write, rename, rename_dir, setattr -protocol cifs -filters  first-write




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