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FPolicy server for CMode


We have been using our 7-mode fpolicy server for getting read/write requests on CIFS/NFS operations. We need to support 8.2 CMode and the legacy registration process using FP_Registration and receiving requests using FP_ScreenRequest2() doesn't work. I downloaded the 8.2 and 8.3 netapp manageability SDK, but I can't find any fpolicy server sample.
Is there any sample or a comprehensive documentation available on this subject?



FPolicy documentation in the SDK is available to software development partners only to my knowledge.  I've been trying (as a customer) to get some of the same documentation myself for a long time and despite various channels have never been successful.


Same applies to the official SnapDiff SDK documentation.




Thank you for the clarification Bob. You've saved my further searches on this subject.




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