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FPolicy server for CMode


We have been using our 7-mode fpolicy server for getting read/write requests on CIFS/NFS operations. We need to support 8.2 CMode and the legacy registration process using FP_Registration and receiving requests using FP_ScreenRequest2() doesn't work. I downloaded the 8.2 and 8.3 netapp manageability SDK, but I can't find any fpolicy server sample.
Is there any sample or a comprehensive documentation available on this subject?


Re: FPolicy server for CMode


FPolicy documentation in the SDK is available to software development partners only to my knowledge.  I've been trying (as a customer) to get some of the same documentation myself for a long time and despite various channels have never been successful.


Same applies to the official SnapDiff SDK documentation.




Re: FPolicy server for CMode


Thank you for the clarification Bob. You've saved my further searches on this subject.




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