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File Search using ONTAP API


I am New to NETAPP API's and trying to do a File Search across the entire Volume and Directories using JAVA . This is something very common and I am sure there would be a solution or sample if I can reuse that will be a great time saver..

Trying to find (Count) how many files of type .mdb (Access files) used in my organisation.

Any Help will be much appreciated.


Re: File Search using ONTAP API

Hi Raja,

You can use "file-get-file-info" API in Clustered ONTAP Vserver context (Storage Virtual Machine) and 7-Mode Data ONTAP systems.

You just need to provide the "path" for the file list. Once you get the list of files (and directories), you can filter out the files you are looking for and get the count.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to revert back if you need any more information on this.



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