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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

Getting netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException for storage-array-list-info API


I am getting below exception for storage-array-list-info API.


NetApp command execution failed: storage-array-list-info

netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException: entry doesn't exist (errno=15661)


Kindly advice.





Could you paste the call that was made? What parameters were passed? Looks like one of the input parameter was given an invalid value.


No parameter was passed. We see this failing when there is no external array used in the netapp cluster. However the other API calls like storage-array-ports-list-info do not fail but give empty output. Why is it so, and how do we avoid the same.

I get the same results when connecting to my test machine with no connected array - report it as a bug

How do I report a bug?

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