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Historical volume sizes


Is there a way to pull historical volume sizes from OCUM or Harvest? There doesn't appear to be an API for OCUM to do this on OCUM 7.1 / Harvest 1.3.


Is there a way to log in to the database on OCUM directly to obtain this information?


Re: Historical volume sizes


Hi Alex,


There are several database views of historical volume capacity available in the "ocum_report" database


  • volumecapacityhistorymonthview
  • volumecapacityhistoryweekview
  • volumecapacityhistoryyearview

Download a copy of HeidiSQL (its' free) and place in "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\lib" on your OCUM server then connect to the MySQL instance.





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Re: Historical volume sizes


Thanks Matt. Those were the exact tables/database that I wanted and I was able to access them.

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