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How do we get the (former) owner of a failed disk from 8.3 or higher?


After upgrading some of our filers to 8.3, the scripts we use to monitor failed disks stopped working.  Looking into this  a bit further, I determined that the  {'attributes-list'}{'storage-disk-info'}{'disk-name'} parameter format has been changed.  In previous versions the api would return '<node-owner>:<disk_id>' but now only returns '<disk_id>'.


The problem with this is, that if the disk is failed, {'attributes-list'}{'storage-disk-info'}{'disk-ownership-info'} does not include any data for 'home-node-name' or 'owner-node-name'.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to identify who is (was) the owning node of the failed disk.


Thanks in advance.



You have a few options, if you are running a Linux system try disk show -v | egrep -v "xxxx|yyyy" (xxxx = controller A disk serial number, yyyy = contoller B disk serial number) or put the output from the disk show -v to a file and delete out the valid disk serial numbers, what is left you find what you need or just eye ball it.

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