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How to find Data ONTAP API version?


Hi All,


I am trying to use the "netapp-manageability-sdk-5.4" on c#, the beginners guide says to use NaServer(Server,1,3) where 1.3 is the Data ONTAP API version. So the 7-mode filers I connect may or maynot support this version, the simulator I am using only support 1.19. So do we have a general command to check the version?





Re: How to find Data ONTAP API version?


I'm not aware of a CLI command, but there is an API call that will return the version from the filer:




Yes, you need a version to connect but you can pick a fairly low one the first time then run the above API call.



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Re: How to find Data ONTAP API version?


Thanks for the reply. Will do it that way.


Now I am looking for the 7-mode API reference, a document where I can find all the API calls. Does anyone know where it is?

Re: How to find Data ONTAP API version?


hi abhilash,


there is a SDK_help file inside the NMSDK where you can get all the api related info.And the more easier one is the ZEDI Zexplore tool,where you can get your C# code for the API.

Re: How to find Data ONTAP API version?


Verify the settings from the NetApp with the command options httpd in the CLI.
In order for NSS and Quota Server to be able to connect with HTTPS, httpd.admin.ssl.enable needs to be turned on.

NAF1> options httpd
httpd.access                 legacy    
httpd.admin.access           legacy    
httpd.admin.enable           on        
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off       
httpd.admin.max_connections  512       
httpd.admin.ssl.enable       on on        
httpd.autoindex.enable       off       
httpd.enable                 off       
httpd.log.format             common    
httpd.method.trace.enable    off       
httpd.rootdir                XXX       
httpd.timeout                300       
httpd.timewait.enable        off     


Re: How to find Data ONTAP API version?


Thanks Aravind,

I already found SDK_help, but it is difficult to find the exact API across the versions.
And ZEDI Zexplore is the perfect tool, this saves lot of man hours. I can pick the API based on version too.

Thanks again.

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