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How to get NAA PREFIX for LUNs in Cluster and 7 mode.



I need to determine the NAA prefixes for NetApp LUNs; we have two mapped LUNs (for 7 and Cluster mode) but the NAA prefixes are not the same for these LUNs (checked from the VMware view)

I know that the NAA is composed of two items (prefix+serial number to hex😞

7 mode mapped LUN:  Serial number = 'P3Ku/JlVTFX3' = 50334b752f4a6c5654465833, from VMwaree I see the naa: 60a9800050334b752f4a6c5654465833

- Cluster mode mapped LUN: Serial number = 'RLIta+DhqCVk' = 524c4974612b44687143566b, from VMware I see the naa: 600a0980524c4974612b44687143566b


Now I have two prefixes; 60a98000 for the LUN mapped in 7mode and 600a0980 for the one mapped in Cluster mode.


What is the rule to determine these prefixes?  Can I determine the prefixes  programmatically ?

We are using the ONTAPI; we need to build the NAA ID for each mapped LUN. 


Thanks in advance for your help.





0a9800 OUI is not even registered. Something is really strange here. Any chance WWN was previously set manually on 7-Mode system?



I can see the NetApp OUI "00A098" in  http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui.txt

But the 0A-98-00 is not found! I have seen another discussion talking about the same issue: http://community.netapp.com/t5/Data-ONTAP-Discussions/Vendor-WWN-OUI-for-NetApp/td-p/46906

0A-98-00 has been generated for an old filer FAS2020.


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