How to get list of snapshots with the java api



i want to get a list of Snapshots with the java-API from a specified volume.

A list of volumes is no problem, but i cant find anything about snapshots.


Here the java code for a volume list:


private ApiRunner getRunner()
        ApiRunner runner = null;
             runner = new ApiRunner(ApiTarget.builder()
        catch(Exception e)
            System.out.println("Connection Problem");
        return runner;

public Iterator getVolumes()
        ArrayList volList = null;
        ApiRunner runner = getRunner();
        VolumeListInfoIterStartRequest volListReq = new VolumeListInfoIterStartRequest();
        Iterator<VolumeInfo> volumeIter = runner.iterate(volListReq, 10);
        return volumeIter;



Please help!


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Re: How to get list of snapshots with the java api

Have you tried the 'snapshot-list-info' API call (assuming 7 mode)?



[Family: ontap-classic, vfiler]

Return snapshot information for a specified volume. A list of snapshots and information about each snapshot is returned. In Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode, 'snapshot-get-iter' API is the preferred way of retrieving snapshot information.