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How to get quota-report using SDK API ?

Hi, we are trying to use Netapp SDK API script to get quota-report on CMODE, it works fine on 7-mode filer before, but it was failed on CMODE  with "

Unable to find API: quota-report" errno=130005.

[root@sdp204l NetApp]# /var/local/SDP /NetApp/ -X vserv151 vsadmin passwd quota-report

  PUT:   p SYSTEM 'file:/etc/netapp_filer.dtd'>   quota-report> OUTPUT:   tapp SYSTEM 'file:/etc/netapp_gx.dtd'>   ="Unable to
  find API: quota-report" status="failed" errno="13005"/>   tapp>

What API in CMOD  should we use for  quota report ? Thanks,


Re: How to get quota-report using SDK API ?

found the answer: the API is quota-report-iter


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