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How to report FlexClone saving using SDK5.2 / cDOT8.2


I am trying to use the ZAPI SDK to report the status of FlexClones.  I would like ideally to report both the %saving and actual incremental diskspace consumed (new flexclone should be near 0 MB of incremental storage).


AI am currently working with the following;

  NetApp Filer sv5-devops-01 running 8.2.1RC2X6 Cluster-Mode system



I read the "Determining the space used by a FlexClone volume" 


But I found the numbers returned via the API did not match the numbers returned from the vserver command line.  


Are there known issues with the SDK and the cDOT version I am using?


Can someone tell me exactly which pieces of data I need and how to calculate (if necessary) to determine the FlexClone savings.


I have tried





None of these returns values which appear correct.  At this point I am just using the $vol_data->sprintf()  function to dump all the values to compare the values to the I see from the cDOT vserver command line.





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