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Invoke-NCSystemApi returns blank results

Hello Everyone, we have requirement to automate the ndmpcopy using WFA(yes, still they are using). But we don't have a inbuilt command or workflow available for ndmpcopy for cdot. I was looking at PSTK if we have Cmdlet available, but no luck for ndmpcopy. So, I decided to use Invoke-NCSystemApi. But when I was testing Invoke-NCSystemApi on ONTAP 9.4, it didn't return any results, it was just blank. Any idea why? , Also, what would be the alternative for the ndmpcopy on WFA. Somebody has done it already for cdot on WFA?


Re: Invoke-NCSystemApi returns blank results

Typcially I login to my controllers with <domain>\<user-admin>.  This account is an admin account on the controller, but for whatever reason, when using the Invoke-NCSystemApi command, I found that if I didn't use the actual 'admin' account, the command wouldn't work.

Re: Invoke-NCSystemApi returns blank results

Thanks  for your response. I did use the actual admin account.

Re: Invoke-NCSystemApi returns blank results

Can you share the code that you're trying to run? Without that, it's going to be incredibly hard to determine why the query isn't returning the expected data or doing what you want it to do. Thanks! 

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