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Is the Perl API of sdk-5.4P1 compatible with 7 mode?


IHAC is testing NetApp api and raise the following questions:


they downloaded netapp-manageability-sdk-5.4P1 from NetApp official website.


they  found some differences between this new version and current version we are using for 7 mode only.


The new version introduce many new parameters.

One of them is {bindings_family}.

In the new version, when we set the server type to Filer. It will automatically bind to CLUSTER mode.


sub set_server_type ($$) {

                my $self = shift;

                my $type = shift;

                my $port = $self->{port};


                if ($type !~ /^(Filer|NetCache|Agent|DFM|OCUM)/i) {

                                return $self->fail_response(13001,

                                  "in NaServer::set_server_type: bad type \"$type\"");



                ($type =~ /Filer/i) && do {

                                $self->{url} = "/servlets/netapp.servlets.admin.XMLrequest_filer";

                                $self->{bindings_family} = "CLUSTER-MODE";




This new version is supposed to be support both 7 mode and C mode.


  • Is it mandatory to set the bindings_family to 7-MODE after set server type?


my $serv = NaServer->new( $hostname_of{$ident}, 1, 1 );


$serv-> set_bindings_family (‘7-mode’); ## without this call , I can still call API for 7 mode filer even when the bindings_family=’CLUSTER-MODE’


they tried to not set it, I can still call the API for 7-mode filer.

What does bindings family do?


  • Is the new perl SDK compatible with 7 mode?

Re: Is the Perl API of sdk-5.4P1 compatible with 7 mode?




Yes, the current version of the Perl SDK (both with and without bindings) is compatible with 7-Mode.  If they are using the new Perl API bindings, with 7-Mode, then setting the bindings_family to "7-Mode" is required along with a server type of "FILER".  If they are using the standard NMSDK Perl with 7-Mode, then simply setting the server type to "FILER" is sufficient as it does not differentiate.


Leaving the bindings family at the default "Cluster-Mode" will probably work for some/most of the APIs, but not all of them, particularly if the bindings validation is enabled.


Hope that helps,



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Re: Is the Perl API of sdk-5.4P1 compatible with 7 mode?


Thanks a lot!  Customer accept it and feel happy!

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