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Listing VMware VMs with NMSDK?


Can you please suggest an API call that would provide me with a list of the VMware virtual machines that OnCommand has discovered form my vCenter server?

I've configured OnCommand host agent and VSC and added a vCenter server to OnCommand 5.  I can see a list of VMware VMs in the "Servers" tab of the OnComand console.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Listing VMware VMs with NMSDK?

Hi Calvin,

You can try the vi-virtual-machine-list-info APIs under "virtual-infrastructure" category to get the list the VMware VMs.



Re: Listing VMware VMs with NMSDK?

Thanks Amir!  The vi-virtual-machine-list-info is exactly what I needed. I'm embarrassed, I was trying to find it in the 4.1 documentation.