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Memory leak in na_server_invoke?


Using the 9.4, 9.5 and 9.8p1 versions of the SDK, I am seeing 2 memory leaks per call to na_server_invoke being reported by WinDBG.  Has anybody else seen this?  Here is the stack from WinDBG for my c++ test app of the leaked block:


7ff9f5e1da77 ntdll!RtlpAllocateHeapInternal+0x0000000000096d77
7ff9f5aa3a15 WS2_32!NewAddrInfo+0x0000000000000051
7ff9f5aa5cd7 WS2_32!GetAddrInfoW+0x00000000000001b7
7ff9f5aa37d5 WS2_32!getaddrinfo+0x00000000000000c5
7ff6d8f75633 NAApiTest!na_server_invoke_elem_http+0x0000000000000763
7ff6d8f716e4 NAApiTest!na_server_invoke_elem+0x0000000000000094
7ff6d8f77301 NAApiTest!na_server_invoke_va+0x00000000000000e1
7ff6d8f7161b NAApiTest!na_server_invoke+0x000000000000006b
7ff6d8f6e9b3 NAApiTest!main+0x00000000000000e3

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