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NMSDK Documentation - Reference Manual for Data ONTAP - working with modern browsers


I do development in a macOS (aka: OS X) environment and am used to having to deal with the odd tool or utility that doesn't work just right and fall back to a Windows VM to solve the problem. 


I recently started doing some NMSDK development and found that the key reference document for NMSDK (the HTML based Reference Manual) has problems with most modern browsers. I had to spin through 6 browsers until I found one that would open and display the NMSDK Ref Manual properly ... FWIW: in this order: 1) Safari (on macOS) ; 2) Chrome (on macOS) ; 3) Firefox (on macOS) ; 4) Chrome (on Win7) ; 5) IE (on Win7) ; 6) Firefox (on Win7). It wasn't until I got to Firefox on Win7 that I could see the table of contents under the Contents tab. Yippee. Then I realized that was a pretty old version of Firefox (~ 1.13.x) and I inadvertently updated it to the latest Firefox and now I find this verson of Firefix on Win7 doesn't even display the TOC.


The notes on the manaul say to be sure to enable 'active content'. Of course, that is Microsoft code-word for things like activeX and JavaScript. Other browsers do not use the term 'active content' and hence provides little guidance. I did get a work around by using IE Options->Advanced->Security->[x] A;; active content to run in files on My Computer and clicking through multiple warnings ... and reveals the web-pages are sing some Microsoft HTML Help facilty (which must the the cause all the incompatibility)


Has anyone else found a way to get this documentation visable with Chrome or Firefox or any more recent browsers?


FWIW ... here is the specific document source reference (accessing the SDK_help.htm within) I'm having the issues with but the basic NMSDK SDK_help.htm (inside the main SDK itself) has the same problem as far as I see.


    Src ref:



Did you finally solve this problem?


This is a filed problem under BURT 1029694.


Use direct path to access the docs on the dowloaded files:







I now see the path's you are pointing out which are amoung the documentation downloads available. There is the NMSDK itself which has a /docs path under it. Then under the support site's Documentation area, there are three documentation sets. You have to be alert when on the page for NMSDK Documentation page to even realize there are three sets of document and you should scroll down to see them all. The first two (as they are listed at are for .NET and Java. It is the 3rd set of documentatioon, for the "NetApp Manageability SDK", which contains the ones you point out ... and are very readable under modern browsers. Just confusing I think.