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NMSDK & Python, bringing a filer to its knees


We've been tracing down for weeks the cause of a serious performance decline of our filer. We have narrowed it down to a python script using the latest NMSDK.




    - Sustained high CPU that persist after the NMSDK calls

    - NFS RPC call take up to 20 times longer, affecting user experience

    - we have no visibility of memory but a reboot alleviates the issue. So does a cluster takes over.



Method for reproduction:

    Make a call for nfs-exportfs-modify-rule-2 using an NaElement previously retrieved via a call for nfs-exportfs-list-rules-2.


In order to modify the export ruleset, we retrieve a list with by calling nfs-exportfs-list-rules-2 and build upon it.



Notes on reproduction:

    - Creating an nfs-exportfs-modify-rule-2 from scratch does not reproduce the issue, an NaElement from a previous nfs-exportfs-list-rules-2 needs to be used

    - The new ruleset being applied with the nfs-exportfs-modify-rule-2 call needs to be different from the existing ruleset.



Code for reproduction: (see attached file)

    - edit

        - update line 11 to point to a filer

        - update line 13 with the proper credentials

    - launch ./