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NMSDK and Solaris 10


I am trying to work on a Solaris 10 program that will make a snapshot of a LUN on our NetApp filer. However, I can't run as the root user on Solaris (or would prefer not to). That removes using snapdrive since you have to be root on Solaris to run the snapdrive executable. I thought the NMSDK would help me with this, but I realize that I'm working with 2 different machines (Solaris SPARC machine & NetApp Filer). I need to mimic how snapdrive correlates the Solaris device name (you know, /dev/dsk/cXtXdXsX) with the LUN name on the NetApp Filer (you know, /vol/LUN_mylun/LUN_mylun.lun). Thanks for any help provided.

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