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.Net developer question - Noob here.


Background: I have been developing in VB .NET for long time, and recently started programming in C# some also. I also have experience in pyton, BASH, HTML, PHP, and Java.


Situation: I work for a very large world wide company that has many (over 200) Netapp (and IBM N series) HA pairs and clusters around the world. I am looking to develope a universal dashboard for our level 1 support guys. My main idea is to visually display on the screen (in one spot) things that would normally get paged out such as volumes getting full, aggregates getting full, etc. I know, DFM and ops manager can do this, but I am looking at sometihng different than what they offer.


My question: Would it be easier to develop this in .NET or C#, (or web language?. I have done development for Netapp with PowerShell, but quite honestly, I hate powershell so I would like to stay away from it if possible. 


Thanks for the info and links to prior discussions or examples in .net or c# would be great also. 


FYI - I have already downloaded the  NetApp Manageability SDK 5.3 .NET API Bindings.