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NetApp API OnTap 8.1.1 CifsLock


Hello Everyone,


I'm a starter developer and one of my new C# project its a bit hard for me.

One of the functions of the FileTransferService I'm writing, must result on a list with all users connected to files(or a specific file) hosted on our fileserver.


I looked on the  documentation that came with the api, and it looks like that CifsLock is the class that i need.


The problem is that i don't know how to call back the result. What should i do? Invoke?



The meaning of this function is to break locks after that.


My lockbreadk is finished and working:


            LockBreak lb = new LockBreak();
            lb.FileName = filePath;
            LockBreakResult lbResult = lb.Invoke(na);

Can someone help me with that problem?






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