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NetApp NaFiler running over .NET WebServices

Hello everyone,


I'm in trouble with my .NET(C#)  WebService.

The Class i created can manipulate connections to files on our fileservers. I'm using the LockBreak class to unlock file so we can delete/change them.

With my Console application that i used as test to develope the class, i can run all methos without complications.


The problem is that when i try to implement it on my webservice, the Invoke from my NaFiler does not work.

I'm getting the following error: 

German: "Das aktuelle Konfigurationssystem unterstützt keine Einstellungen im Gültigkeitsbereich des Benutzers."

English: "The current configuration system does not support user-scoped settings."


Is there a special method or configuration to allow the use of the NetApp API with webservices/IIS?


I hope someone can help me, thanks.


Best Regards,

Jonathan Schröer




Re: NetApp NaFiler running over .NET WebServices



The problem was solved following this topic steps posted by PATRICK_WEIBEL:





Jonathan Schröer

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