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NetApp WFA API returning Internal Server Error (500) when Authenticated as Admin

Hi folks,


I have quite a strange problem. I try to get the XML structure from my WFA APIs by calling:




If I authenticate as a user: wfa-operator (user with role: "Operator") , It works all good, I get my response,

However if I authenticate as user: wfa-admin ( user with Role: "Admin" ), WFA doesn't give me any reply, and in wfa.log I see:


2018-02-26 05:08:49,240 ERROR [] (default task-17) REST service got exception, returning: Internal Server Error (500): javax.ejb.EJBTransactionRolledbackException


It doesn't matter if my 'admin user' is an local account or domain authenticated, I hit the same issue (?).


WFA version:


Thans in advance for all suggestions 😉


Interestingly enough, I'm able to call API to execute existing workflow or even retrieve the XML with details with URL




 This works fine for both Operator and Admin user.




Operator user works fine, Admin user return 500 Error - listed above. Any ideas why?

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