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Netapp Managebility SDK for download



  I am working for IT consulting service company and i need to do POC to understand the net app managebility SDK capabilities to build the solution for one of the customer requirements. I believe to download the sDK, i should be the netapp end user.  So how can i proceed in this regard. Please let me know ASAP.

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Re: Netapp Managebility SDK for download

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Hi Hari -

Please go to:, and look for SDK.  Download the SDK and any bindings you desire.  Documentation and code examples are in the SDK.


   - Rick -

Re: Netapp Managebility SDK for download


Hi Rick,

  Thanks for your immediate reply. I tried with the above link and i landed with unautherised page.

Here are the steps i followed(Correct me if i am wrong).

a) Clicked on the link  and landed into software download page

b) Selected Managebility SDK -> API bindings for windows->clicked on GO

c) Download page is displayed with "view and download" button.

d) When i click on the link i landed in unautherised page.

I took the screenshot and pasted here for your information. I am not sure if i did anything wrong.

FYI-> Since i am not the end user i registered as guest user in this support site.

Please direct me.

Thank You,


Re: Netapp Managebility SDK for download


You need to log in with your NOW account. That's when you can download the s/w you wish to. Your customer should have it or if your company has any NetApp boxes, they should be able to provide you the NOW account.



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