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OCUM API access to ONTAP

Hi, Customer is looking to pull information that may not be available in the OCUM database into a 3rd party tool for reporting.  Does the OCUM API have the ability to query API's of the controllers it monitors?  For example, if I want to pull snapmirror schedules for 50 systems, I don't want my 3rd party tool to have to login to every controller.  I'd rather query the OCUM database and have him go get the information for me. 

Can this be done for OCUM 5.2 and 6.x?



Re: OCUM API access to ONTAP

Have a look at api-proxy. You can build a request that contains ONTAP API calls and then use the api-proxy to initiate it. I do this all the time in my code.

Re: OCUM API access to ONTAP

NetApp Alumni

And api-proxy works in OCUM 5.2 and 6.x.

   - Rick -

Re: OCUM API access to ONTAP

Thanks. That’s exactly what I needed.

Re: OCUM API access to ONTAP

Thanks Rick.

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