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ONTAP API Concurrent Connection Limit

My clients found his scripts were getting stuck while a great deal of commands were being dispatched, which causes the following api call queued up.


May I know is there a ONTAP API concurrent connection limit? and is it a tunable value?





Re: ONTAP API Concurrent Connection Limit

Hello @enyang,


There are no published limits that I'm aware of, but it is important to remember that ZAPI is a service running on the controller, and like any other service, it has a finite number of resources.  I don't know what scale your customer is dealing with, but it may be prudent to have some throttling on the client side.


Please reach out to me internally and I can provide a bit more info.



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Re: ONTAP API Concurrent Connection Limit

I've seen similar issues myself - could you explain if the zapiretrycount switch would help in these scenarios or will it just compound the problem?

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