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ONTAP API matrix with ONTAP 8.2 API versions


HI Guys,

Does anyone have updated ONTAP API matrix including ONTAP 8.2? I have downloaded the doc from DOC-24987, it does not have  "Getting started with the SDK --> Version Matrix" link as it is used to be in previous documentation.  Also there is no doc available in netapp-manageability-sdk-5.1, and this matrix is incomplete.

I am assuming that the last API version is 1.19 for ONTAP 8.1 and 1.20 onwards for ONTAP 8.2. Please correct me or point me to the doc.




Re: ONTAP API matrix with ONTAP 8.2 API versions


I Ashok,

With this release we have gradually started moving towards not differentiating between ONTAP API version and ONTAP version.

You can download the ONTAP API documentation for ONTAP 8.2 from here :

Incase you need to know for some other reason, you can use the API : system-get-ontapi-version

Hope this helps.


Re: ONTAP API matrix with ONTAP 8.2 API versions


Thanks Aashray. Yes, I can get the api version using system-get-ontapi-version, but developer should know what APIs are compatible with version of OS. That's why it is good to have matrix in place.I know API guide has what is new and changed, but don't have versions.Developer can figure out by going through all versions if required, but we can't expect that everyone has all OS installs or docs in hand.

Anyway for me it was easy that APIs are new in 1.20, so i can check 1.20 onwards while developing an application. It would always not be a case.

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