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OnTap API Reference

Guys, I'm lookign for an online reference for the actual API names of the all the various APIs for different evrsions of OnAtp i.e. aggr-get-iter. I looked thorugh the NetAPP Manageability SDK 5.4 and whilst I can see the .NET bindings etc. I cannot see the raw API refrence. 


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It's a bit confusing where it's placed on the page in my opinon, but if you browse to A-Z documentation then look for "NetApp Manageability SDK" you'll find the reference.  For NMSDK 5.4, the docs are here.


Hope that helps!





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Re: OnTap API Reference

Best for me is to use ZExplore Development Interface (ZEDI) (formerly ZExplore) part of SDK.
You get all api,  description on each of them when mouse over.
You can generate code from there as well


Re: OnTap API Reference

Thanks guys! Thats exactly what i needed. 

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