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Perl SDK warnings under strict


Actual question I have: what's the right way to report an SDK bug?  This is the second time I've found an SDK issue, and last time I tried, Support seemed BEYOND confused that I don't have a filer problem, I don't have a serial to tag it against, and I don't want help with scripting.. I just want them to BURT something.



5.6 Perl SDK, running scripts with 'use warnings' and 'use strict', in a script that's invoking aggregate_list against OCUM-cDOT 7.0:


Use of uninitialized value $flag in bitwise and (&) at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/NetApp-SDK/ line 5378.

That bit is:

sub IsArrayFlag {
    my ($self, $flag) = @_;
    return ($flag & FIELD_ARRAY) == FIELD_ARRAY;


That's coming from,

if ($key_field and $all_api_bindings->IsArrayFlag($key_field->{flags})) {


Here the code gets a little spaghetti, and my eyes are crossing, but I -think- the issue is around line 438, there's

if(ref($existing_value) eq "ARRAY") {

with a simple 'else' later.


But aggregate-info returns a hash, not a scalar or an array.

Really don't want to beat my head on a support case if someone's got a direct line to a developer here, but I will if I must.



Hamfisted workaround:


---	2016-11-18 05:31:30.064255227 +0000
+++	2016-11-18 18:24:55.278917142 +0000
@@ -5375,7 +5375,7 @@

 sub IsArrayFlag {
     my ($self, $flag) = @_;
-    return ($flag & FIELD_ARRAY) == FIELD_ARRAY;
+    return $flag ? (($flag & FIELD_ARRAY) == FIELD_ARRAY) : 0;

 sub IsEncryptedFlag {

There's probably smarter ways with more knowledge of the data structures in play.