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Powershell: Get-NcNetFailoverGroup not working as expected


Hi everyone.


I'm trying to use Get-NcNetFailoverGroup in one of my powershell scripts, but I can't get it to return anything at all.


The call to Get-NcNetFailoverGroup is basicly like this:


    $failovergroup =   Get-NcNetFailoverGroup -VserverContext $VServer
    Write-Host $failovergroup


but $failovergroup is just empty (even though the SVM has a lif, and that lif is using a failover group).


For example, this works just fine, and returns all details about the lifs, including the failover-group:


$LIF_List = Get-NcNetInterface -Query $Query -VserverContext $VServer


So the basic connectivity from my script to the cluster works, I can query everything I want, just not the details of the failover group.

What I need is a list of target ports of the failover group, which should be returned by Get-NcNetFailoverGroup (at least the help/info to that command shows an example which contains exactly the info I need from the cluster).


I also checked the NetApp Docs sources, and the call to Get-NcNetFailoverGroup looks just like my call.


What am I doing wrong?