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Python API bug when trying to create qtrees


We're trying to do a simple qtree create. I've attached the simple script that we are using to do the create. The script outputs this:

qtree:  is on svm_villa_rootvol with status normal

qtree:  is on fahome with status normal

qtree:  username is on fahome with status normal

qtree:  is on dusers with status normal

qtree:  is on svm_villa_rootvol_lsm01 with status readonly

qtree:  is on svm_villa_rootvol_lsm02 with status readonly

Unable to find API: qtree-create

It appears that qtree-list-iter is supported, but qtree-create is unsupported in the current version? I'm looking at the OntapClusterAPI.html document for the documentation of the api, and it has documentation for qtree-create. (Also the api bindings have underscores separating the words, and we've found that you have to use dashes.)


Any info you can get us would be appreciated. Thanks!




The likely cause is that you're running this script against the cluster management LIF rather than a Vserver. The qtree-create API is a Vserver API in cDOT, so you need to either a) point your script at a Vserver management LIF, or b) use Vserver tunneling with the NaServer.set_vserver() method.

Let me know if you have any trouble getting it working.



Thanks Ben,

We had to use the correct login ID.  That fixed the issue.



Hi Sgreer,

maybe you can help me with this, i even tried the vsadmin login and I have the same problem that the api just shows the *-iter* commands but nothing else....

Thanks in advance for your help!

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