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Querying Filer Latency from ONTAP 1.14


Our filer is running ONTAP 7.3.7 and so we are accessing it with the 7.3.7 version of the ontapi java library as indicated by the documentation. 

The data point we are looking for doesn't appear to be available as it is in the 8.1 version of the client library.


We're looking for average latency for the filer.  The DiskStatsInfo object I could get from invoking StorageDiskGetIterRequest in the 8.1 library appears to be what I need, but I don't see anything similar in 7.3.7. 

Does 7.3.7 not offer any way to query filer latency?

Any pointers would be helpful.



Sorry...Ontap version is 7.3.7, not 1.1.4...


I believe the object & counter you're looking for is system:sys_avg_latency.  I don't have an ONTAP 7.3.7 system handy, but you can determine if this counter is available by issuing the following command on your controller:

ONTAP>  priv set diag

ONTAP*>  stats explain counters system sys_avg_latency

Counters for object name: system

Name: sys_avg_latency

Description: Average latency for all operations in the system in milliseconds

Properties: average

Unit: millisec

        Base Name: total_ops

        Base Description: Total operations per second

        Base Properties: rate

        Base Unit: per_sec

If this counter is available in ONTAP 7.3.7, you can collect it in a couple of ways:

1) using the stats command at the CLI of the filer,

2) Using a tool like Performnce Advisor or CMPG to collect, save historically and graph the data, or

3) Using the NetApp Manageability SDK you should be able to make an API call to collect that performance object & counter.  I don't have the details on which API function is used to make this call.