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Question about naming convention of snapshot

Question about naming convention of snapshot. (available character set)

For example, following name is  available?







Re: Question about naming convention of snapshot

You did not provide details about your environment.  Depending on the environment the plus (+) may be used but as a best practice I recommend  limiting names to ASCII alphanumeric characters, _ (underscore), - (hyphen),  and . (dot).

Re: Question about naming convention of snapshot



I want to use the name on the environment of AI Control Plane environment (TR-4798).

So in my guess, it depends on Python SDK(netapp_ontap) and NetApp Trident.


The ":" colon is available?


For example, Airflow Run ID can use as snapshot name?

Re: Question about naming convention of snapshot

It is quick and easy to recover data from a Snapshot. Snapshots should not be considered a disaster recovery method since Snapshots live on the volume. For disaster recovery we need to have data in another site. Most of the time data is recovered from Snapshots using the same application that created the Snapshot. To address your original question yes you can name a Snapshot with the name “test__2020-12-21T23:47:20.594067+00:00”. NFS can mount a Snapshot with a colon in the name it will cause issues in Windows hosts. For the greatest compatibility with other utilities and ease of use I would stick with ASCII alphanumeric characters, _ (underscore), - (hyphen),  and . (dot). You will also not have deal with all the delimiters in your Python program.

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