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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

SDK and Eclipse (Newby Question)



This is going to be a nooby question.


I have been working with NetApp filers for 2 years and I am new to Eclipse, I would like to develop applications using Eclipse and NetApp Managebility SDK.

I have downloaded the SDK, Eclipse is running fine. I also have ZEDI working.

What I am doing is copying the code from ZEDI and pasting it to a new project in Eclipse but import part throwing error as it can't find the following packages :


import netapp.manage.NaElement;
import netapp.manage.NaException;
import netapp.manage.NaServer;


I tried to import jar files in lib folder of the SDK but still having the issue.


Any help is going to be appriciated. Also I am open to any related guides.





You need to add the manageontap.jar file to your Build Path in Eclipse. Once added, Eclipse will be able to see and access the netapp.manage.* classes in your import statements.


Here's a good beginner's guide to add Jars to your Build Path:


Let me know if you run into any problems getting set up.



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