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Something wrong with Ansible setup?

Trying to create my first playbook and I am getting the following error on a volume create:


File "/tmp/ansible_na_cdot_volume_payload_XLT_EQ/", line 279, in create_volume


  File "/data/readwrite/ansible/netapp/lib/python2.7/site-packages/netapp_lib/api/zapi/", line 290, in invoke_successfully

    raise NaApiError(code, msg)

NaApiError: NetApp API failed. Reason - 15661:entry doesn't exist


"msg": "Error provisioning volume test1 of size 20971520: NetApp API failed. Reason - 15661:entry doesn't exist"


Does this mean I am missing an entry for one of the variables in the na_cdot_volume module?


Re: Something wrong with Ansible setup?

If you're just starting out I suggest you use the na_ontap_* modules - they are the latest and contiously updated with each release of the Ansible distribution.  Also, read the Ansible 5-part article by David Blackwell on and you'll be off and running.


There is also a Slack channel - just follow the link at the top of

Re: Something wrong with Ansible setup?

Gotta question on the basic "na_ontap_volume" module.  I see that I can make changes to existing variables like size and run the playbook and the volume size is changed.  What about the junction-path?  I ran the playbook first without the junction-path variable set and the volume was created.  Then, I added the junction_path variable and the volume did not mount. If I create a new volume with the junction_path variable, it does mount.  Is this the way it is supposed to work?