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Starting a NetApp Open Source Project?


I'm an engineer (read programmer) who's interested in starting up an open source project to help manage NetApp arrays.

What I'm lacking is real hardcore NetApp sysadmin experience. I know how to code, I know ZAPI, I just don't know what the real world problems are what real admins actually need. And the gap between existing solutions and what could really be achieved! I want to push the envelope here!

Does anyone want to join me? Or a stupid idea (be honest - I can take it)?

Just pushing this out there. I'd love to see what the "community" thinks?

Thanks guys!



Re: Starting a NetApp Open Source Project?


Hi Max,

It's a great idea and you aren't the first. There are definitely gaps in the management of controllers currently, although things are getting a lot better. One project worth keeping an eye on is the Workflow Automator software. This is a NetApp project that provides orchestration and workflow functionality and logic but is highly extensible. It is largely open source and community based (at least in terms of the extensions) so is a great place to a) contribute your modules and find how they are accepted and b) look to see what problems people are trying to solve.

In terms of manageability software requirements I think to gain the most traction you should look to combine a few things rather than just NetApp. The world is moving to unified management of systems a la cloud and that is where people will look for software innovation.

If you'd like to have a chat about this then get in touch offline (



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Re: Starting a NetApp Open Source Project?


Hi Glyn & Max -- would be great to hear how things go and share with the community.  If you are open to it, perhaps blog about the steps?  Just a thought:)  It just sounded like a cool topic with Glyn as your guide:)

thanks for the posts - it's awesome for the community.  really really thank you.


Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
Senior Community Program Manager

Re: Starting a NetApp Open Source Project?



Thank you so much for the advice. I'm going to do as you suggest and contribute to Workflow Automator. I checked it out today and it looks awesome. Thanks again for the pointers.


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