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StorageGRID Tenant Manager API - how to get quota capacity?



I saw that through the "account" section I can pull the storage usage information for the specific tenant but I couldn't find how to pull the total amount of data I can save (the quota if configured).

I can see this from the Tenant Manager GUI but can I be sent through REST API also?





I'm in the same position as you. Have you managed to solve this for you yet?


Right now I'm trying some different api-calls with booth "account" and "metric-query". I've found some values (like bytesData) and summed them together, but it never adds up to that same values as the doughnut-chart on the dashboard.


I'm sure the account have access to all tenants to display the data.



Ok, so I've tried these bellow:


The values I get, I do expect them to be Bytes.
I reference-check these with the dashboard and sometimes the numbers comes close but never as close as I can say for sure the correct values are found.

This is within a total storage capacity of 106TB. My values is at closest at +- 2-3 TB, sometimes, and sometimes way of..

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