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The netapp-manageability-sdk-5.3 performace counter explaination.


Hi all,

We are using netapp-manageability-sdk-5.3 to do Netapp CMOD perfomance monitor. We want to know these perfomace counter explainnation.

What is the counter mean? How did the value come out?  How to calculate the conter value?

By now, I just found the Performance_Management_DesignGuide.pdf which is made at 2010. Where can we download the latest verson? Thanks.



The easiest way to get the descriptions is from the clusters themselves, but you need to be in diag mode to get the level of detail you want.  Simply run "statistics catalog object show -describe" to get a list of all of the objects that contain counters and their descriptions.  If you already know the object name that you are interested in, then use the object name as a paramater like this - "statistics catalog object show -object OBJECTNAME -describe" to see just that one.  After you select an object, you can get counter descriptions by running "statistics catalog counter show -object OBJECTNAME -describe".


You download the NetApp Manageability SDK from the Support Site Download section -

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