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Unable to connect to oncommand Api services: error :3505


I am facing this error: 3505

Maximum connections to the requested remote host is exceeded.
(NaServer from pool exhausted for datasourceKey:"-----key---". Try later)


setup for Api server:

we added the array in <Management Stations and Storage Systems> of <Oncommand API Services>. After that, we were able to fire the RestAPI for array.


operations i perform:

create snapshot, delete snapshot, listing all the volumes and luns


but after some time when i was inactive on <Oncommand API Services> (eg: for 6-7 hrs.) and my program of listing luns/volumes are running ,it throws this error:


ERROR - 3505

Reason: Maximum connections to the requested remote host is exceeded.(NaServer from pool exhausted for datasource

Key: ----cluster key---. Try later)




pl. restart API server using below commands:

# service apiserver status

# service apiserver stop

# service apiserver start

# service apiserver status


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